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Cutting fabric with scissors


Custom Garment & Alteration Services

Repairs and Alterations

I offer specialty repair and alteration services for people who wish to preserve, re-style, or adapt cherished items of clothing and other textiles. I love to save special garments from the landfill and find creative ways to give them a second life.


Pillows, quilts, and stuffed animals made from the clothes of loved ones who have passed on can be a way to hold their memory close and re-purpose the material things they left behind. I am always honoured to be trusted with creating memory pieces, and I promise to treat your loved one's garments with the utmost care.

Gender Affirming Clothing Alterations

I first started doing gender-affirming clothing alterations a few years ago, at the request of friends. Removing bust darts, adjusting shoulders, and straightening or contouring the silhouette of a garment can make a world of difference in comfort and fit. These alterations are available by donation.

If you have an interest in sewing, I offer workshops on gender-hacking clothing patterns.

Check my workshops section to see upcoming dates.

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