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Celebrating Six Months of POETRY SEANCE

It's been such a joy to watch the reading series I was part of creating last October grow into a recurring community event.

Poetry Seance was dreamed up by the Graveyard Poets Collective as a space for queer poets and performers to revel in a shared love of all things sinister and bizarre. When we were first imagining the series, I had a conversation with @executive.demon about wanting to make this a poetry reading for people who don't normally go to poetry readings. So far it's been filled with costumes, theatrics, comedy, and so many other earthly delights. The kind people at Toronto's historic Glad Day Books have been awesome enough to host us quarterly (every solstice and equinox).

While we have featured a wide variety of readers, our priority moving forward will be be promoting younger queer poets who don't have traditionally published books. If you would like to participate, please don't hesitate to reach out, or follow us on Instagram for more updates!

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